Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYPk8udhHho 
On the link above, you will find a recording of a musical piece that is not on the recordings that accompany your textbook.  Based on the course materials you should write a report of no less than 200 words that addresses the following questions:

1. What is the genre? 
Beas specific as possible.  Many of the styles we are studying have a number of subgenres.  If the music is blues, for instance, you should say whether it is urban or rural.
2. When do you think the music was recorded?
Your answer should not simply be based on recording quality, but rather on the way the genre of music has changed through time. Make sure to make reference to specific musical features. 
3. If applicable, who is the artist? 
If the music in question is not from a culture about which we have studied individual performers, you don’t need to answer specifically.  So, if it is music by a gospel choir, for instance, I don’t expect you to identify the specific choir.

If the music is from a genre in which we have studied individual performers, you should say whom you think the performer might be and why.  It is less important that you get exactly the right individual than that your reasoning be logical. As long as you know what the genre is and can explain it, a reasoned appraisal of who the performer might be will earn high marks. 

This report must be based on aural observations and should not contain biographical information about the performers in question or extraneous information about the genre. 

Turn in your Mystery Tune essay here. Make sure your name is also in the beginning of the text of the essay. 

 Please post something to this discussion board about what, if anything, you liked about the course, what you thought could be improved and any constructive suggestions you might have for how I could make this course better.  Please make one comment of your own and reply to at least one other student’s comments.  As always, please use language that is appropriate to a college classroom and be respectful of each other.