• Review the MKT 646 Marketing Plan Outline and Final Marketing Plan Evaluation Guide.
  • Write a paper of at least 900 words using the company and product and/or service identified and approved in Week #2. Your paper should include the following topics, which correspond to the Marketing Plan Outline and Assignment Rubric. You do not need to organize the plan by each topic, but must include all of these components. If you have made any revisions to your product after feedback from your topic submission, please include a revised product description here. This is not included in your 900 word limit.
    1. Customer Analysis
    2. Segmentation and Targeting
    3. Market and Brand Positioning
  • Format your paper using West Writing Style Handbookguidelines.
  • Include a minimum of four sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library and other selections from credible sources. You are expected to use your textbook as a source but you should use at least four sources in addition to your textbook. Your textbook doesn’t count towards the four source minimum.

Please refer to the marketing plan outline (you can find a downloadable copy in the Shared Files) and remember to address the following sections in your paper:

5. Customer Analysisa. What are the customers’ key buying motivations? What value do they expect from the product or service?b. How do consumers go through the each of the stages of the decision-process for your product?c. Who are the decision-makers, influencers, consumers?d. Are there identifiable differences among consumers in this process?

6. Segmentation & Targetinga. How can this market be meaningfully segmented using the segmentation methods studied? Which methods provide the greatest isolation of your specific target markets?b. Do the segmentation methods meet the criteria for effective segmentation?c. Which specific target market(s) will you focus on in this marketing plan? Have you addressed any overlap among target markets (if you have selected more than one)?

7. Market and Brand Positioninga. How will your product be positioned in the minds of the consumers?b. What are the points of difference? Provide a positioning statement that clearly explains these points.c. What are the unique and significant elements of your brand? What are the sources for brand equity?