Select three different potential health policy topics that you are interested in researching and focusing on throughout this course.  From these three potential health policy topics, you will later in the course, complete two policy briefs and one policy analysis presentation (i.e., your critical assignment for the course).  One of your topics should represent a local area of health concern (i.e., affecting your state, county, or city), while the other two should represent national areas of health concern (i.e., beyond a statewide scope, likely with federal legislative implications).  The purpose of this assignment is to help you identify which health policies you will be utilizing throughout the course, and begin some basic background research thereof.

You are to identify and discuss each of your selected topics, provide some background on the situations, and provide rationale for why your selections warrant further examination in this course.  Further, you are to identify who the major stakeholders might be and how they can best be reached (i.e., communication channels and/or policy tools) to help enact/support your desired change.  Please provide relevant academic support throughout.  (3-4 complete pages at minimum, excluding title page and references.)