Social Justice Paper (1200-1500 words)SIGNATURE WRITING SUBMISSION – note special submission instructions belowIdentify and examine a situation, action, or interaction of social injustice from your clinical or nursing experience that relates to one of the following:

  • minority health
  • poverty
  • environmental health
  • health equity
  • underserved for health care.

Identify strategies for responding to the social injustice.


Examine social injustice:

  • Describe the situation of social injustice.
  • Analyze the health consequences for the client (individual, family, or population group) experiencing the injustice.
  • Describe your response as the caregiver or observer of caregiver/health provider responses to the social injustice. How do the Christian worldview and ethic principles help you to identify and understand the situation of social injustice?
  • Analyze how your own identity, power, privilege, and oppression influence your viewpoint and reaction

Determine strategies to respond to the social injustice:

  • Develop specific strategies that can be used to respond to the identified social injustice – consider community and systems-level interventions.
  • Identify barriers that may interfere with responding effectively to the social injustice.
  • Identify strengths that will contribute, reducing the effects of the social injustice


  • 1200-1500 words
  • APA format including in-text citation of sources
  • Minimum of 3 references in APA format