Stressed Out

In a 500-600 word answer, properly cited with an APA-formatted reference list and in-text citations, please answer the following questions. In addition to the researched facts you present as your answer, you may provide opinions and real-world experiences where appropriate.

The physical result of infectious disease is often more apparent than the impact it has on the mental health of the patient, family members, healthcare personnel, or even members of the general public. Whether the disease infects one person or becomes a full-fledged outbreak, the mental burden of possible illness or even death can take its toll.

Scenario: You are the attending physician in the psychiatric department of a community hospital. For the last few weeks, there has been an increase in new patients complaining of stress and anxiety. You have examined their medical records to try to find a common source and determined that a recent international disease outbreak of hemorrhagic fever may be to blame.

  1. Reflect on your personal response to disease outbreaks in the news or media. Is there a specific illness that has caused you any level of stress or worry? How did that stress manifest itself? How was it finally resolved?
  2. What physical or mental suggestions would you give to the patients under your care? Summarize the basis of your recommendations and what you expect the outcome to be.
  3. If that long-distance threat suddenly became a reality in your community, how would those recommendations change? What would be your new strategy to aid the residents in your area?

Resources to get you started

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Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health: Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation During an Infectious Disease Outbreakhttps://store.samhsa.gov/product/Taking-Care-of-Your-Behavioral-Health-Tips-for-Social-Distancing-Quarantine-and-Isolation-During-an-Infectious-Disease-Outbreak/PEP20-01-01-007