The purpose of this discussion board forum is for all of us to share the benefits of Westlaw in doing legal research.

Before responding with your own discussion board response, please read the prior discussion board responses by other students. Then, in a distinct way, please respond to the following question of what you found beneficial and helpful about using Westlaw in doing legal research.

For example, if there is a specific criminal statute that you are interested in, provide detailed steps on how one can find that statute. As another example, if you are interested in the procedural history of a case, summarize what you found (e.g. this case of A v. B was overturned by that case of C v. D) and specify how one can find that.

These are just some examples. Sharing your responses with other students, I hope, will contribute to a forum that reflects one’s use and familiarity with Westlaw, and educates all of us on what we might not have known about using Westlaw.