Please answer the following prompt: Why do you want to study Communication and what would you like to learn as a major that would affect your personal, professional, or community life? 

Please cite specific examples from the communication courses you’ve already taken. If you had applied previously, please share what has improved since your last application.

Please answer the following to write your statement:


· Why are you interested in Communication as a major?

· What do you hope to learn in this major and how will it further your personal and/or professional goals?

· What experiences have prepared you for a Communication major/career?

· How would you apply what you have learned in your Communication courses to your career and goals? 

· Apply concepts from COM classes and/or knowledge of our program


This statement has a 2,500-character limit (including spaces) and is assessed on three criteria on a scale of 1-5, with one being the lowest and 5 being the highest:

1. Relevance: Does the student answer the prompt by citing ways in which the major would affect their life and vice versa?

2. Originality: Is the response thoughtful?

3. Depth: Does the student support the position with information, details, reasons, or examples?


Comments or Questions?

If you would like to explain any extenuating circumstances, please include information below to help us better understand and evaluate your application more accurately. For example, you can explain any hardships, or certain responsibilities, like work or childcare, that have affected your academics.