As an analyst for a large U.S. multinational corporation, you are assigned to examine a possible acquisition candidate, completing an initial search and review.  Your supervisor is a member of the Controller’s team.  The Controller reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Your work may be presented to a variety of audiences, so professionalism is essential in all deliverables you create. As you are reviewing historical financial statements you cannot conclude if this company is a good investment.

  1. Select a publicly traded company from the Fortune 500 list. COMPANY SELECTED IS T MOBILE Mobile telecommunication company
  2. The company must have Accounts Receivable and Inventory. You must select a retail or manufacturing company.
  3. You must research and secure the SEC 10-K Annual Report for the most recent year by visiting and searching the SEC EDGAR system. An alternative path to accessing and downloading the most current 10-K is through the company’s Investor Relations webpage.
  4. Save the 10-K document to your computer for access. Please do not print this file as the report is usually 100 pages or more.
  5. Use the selected company in the discussion postings throughout the semester. The discussion questions are designed to help you build content for your report and presentation.

Report Requirements

Report Content

  1. Post the name of your desired company in the Week 1 SEC 10-K Project discussion for your instructor’s approval. Your post must answer all parts of the discussion.
  2. Each student must select a different company, so read the company names selected by classmates. The company must be a publicly traded company from the Fortune 500 list.
  3. Your report should comment on the financial statements for your company as they relate to the information presented through Week 6 material for this class, including the auditor’s report and the notes to the financial statements.
  4. Refer to the weekly reports.
  5. Commentary for this report should include considering the financial statements as a whole.