• Watch or read the transcript of  the South-side Community Services video in the Learning Resources. Reflect on Amy and what she is experiencing.
  • Consider the theoretical approaches, skills, and messages you would employ in working with Amy as a social worker.
  • After watching the video, or reading the transcript explain how bullying may affect Amy’s biological, psychological, and social development.
  • Describe a theoretical approach and two practice skills that you would employ in working with Amy

Southside Community Services: Amy, Episode 1

Southside Community Services: Amy, Episode 1
Program Transcript

LINDA: Amy, can you talk to me? You’re safe here.

AMY: I’m not safe anywhere.

LINDA: Tell me what’s going on? How are things at home?

AMY: My dad’s sick. He had a stroke a few weeks ago. Everything’s so messed up

there. But I’m sure you already heard that from my mom. You’re her social worker, too,



AMY: What else did she tell you? I bet she told you I won’t talk to her about what’s going

on. I can’t talk to her. She’s so upset about everything that’s going on with my dad. The

last thing she needs to hear is my problems.

I thought about talking to my guidance counselor at school, but I can’t do that either.

They’ll only see me, and it will get worse. That’s why my mom brought me to you,

thinking you can help me, where they can’t see.

LINDA: Tell me a little bit more about school. What do you mean by if they see you it will

get worse?

AMY: Some girls, they’ve been picking on me– calling me names– fat pig, ugly. They

make fun of my clothes. Yesterday, two of them are waiting by my locker. They pushed

me down, rubbed food in my hair. There were others in the hall, but they just stood

there and laughed.

LINDA: How did that make you feel?

AMY: How do you think? It hurts. They make me feel like a freak. I’m scared what

they’re going to do next. I hate school.

LINDA: I understand.

AMY: But that’s not the worst. They text me late at night, waking me up, saying they’re

going to beat me up. They say, I deserve it for being so ugly. I’m starting to think they’re


LINDA: Have you told anybody about these threats?

AMY: They’ll get me worse if I snitch. Besides, nobody will understand.

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Southside Community Services: Amy, Episode 1

LINDA: What do you mean by nobody will understand?

AMY: Because they won’t. Nobody understands what it feels like. Not unless they go

through it.


LINDA: How do you feel right now?

AMY: Read for yourself. How would you feel?

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