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Read Instructions Carefully

This is a discussion forum that is mandatory part of this course.  The idea is to create collaboration amongst your cohort and stimulate intellectual conversations.  The instructions are as follows.

1. You are to make three (3) post each week.

2. Your initial post (first post) is due Tuesday of each week.

3. Your initial post MUST be at least 250 words and cited scholarly references

4. You must respond at least two (2) times in a week to your colleagues post.  Your follow-up (Second & Third) must be at least (150 words and contain at least two scholarly references that are different from your initial (250 word) post.


In states like Florida if a person is convicted of a felony, they lose their right to vote.  Do you believe that this right should be revoked because a person is convicted of a felony?  

If the the first letter of your last name falls between A -L you are to make an argument for this law.

In your argument cite recent articles to bolster your point of view.

Extra Credit – The tale of two Americas

This is not a mandatory assignment, but you make a thought provoking post, you can get some extra credit point if your post is clear and concise.


By now the world has been able to see our government fall to rioters/protesters.  What are you honest thought about what transpired?  Do you feel that what we witnessed was an unveiling of the truth about this country and the way race is viewed and handled?


Writing Assignment


The Constitution of the United States guarantees the rights of all citizens. While the Constitution covers the subject of various rights of United States citizens, there are several amendments of the Constitution that apply to criminal law. These amendments ensure that the rights of criminals are protected before, during, and after their convictions. The most important amendments that apply to criminal law are the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth amendments. All of these constitutional rights must be ensured in criminal legal cases in the United States of America.

In a two page paper.  Recap the above amendments then look on the U.S. Supreme Court website https://www.supremecourt.gov/ (Links to an external site.)
 to find cases that have directly contested each amendments over the past  5 years.  Provide the case name and caption along with a brief overview of the case.  Your review only needs to be two or three sentences for each amendment.