How did “Some Like it Hot” challenge gender roles and censorship rules of the era?

I need help with just a FIVE PARAGRAPH essay on the Marilyn Monroe movie “Some Like it Hot” from 1959. This essay allows you to be creative and has no other criteria except for 3 body paragraphs with evidence and an into and a conclusion, double spaced. 

Professor Liss

Introduction to Film Final Paper Assignment

Please write a five paragraph essay regarding some aspect of film studies.  The essay should focus on film studies and while I will not prevent you from turning in this paper for another class, it should not be an English, philosophy, psychology or sociology paper.  Rather, it should directly bear on concepts we discussed in class or related to readings or your textbook.  The paper should be thematic in nature and not biographical.  For example, you may write an essay on time-sequencing in Quinton Tarantino films and each argumentative paragraph could utilize an example from his work.  Other topic examples would include racism, science fiction, violence against minorities, special effects, Japanese minimalism, anime, and the like.  I have designed this assignment to be quite general so you can be creative. 

You are not writing a film review but rather an argumentative paper with a thesis.  This paper is to some extent research-oriented and requires adequate source citation.  You may use director’s cuts or DVD shorts as your evidence.  The essay should have an introduction and a conclusion, as well as three-evidence based paragraphs. The evidence based paragraphs should be in the format of a claim sentence, followed by data or evidence from an expert source that you have researched and end with a few sentences of your own analysis (paragraph = claim, data and analysis).  This paper should utilize at least three unique sources.  This is an opportunity for you to be creative and I would like you to choose a subject that you find interesting.

Contact me as soon as possible if you have any questions. 

I am happy to look at any drafts or discuss your ideas before the due date (Emailed to me at [email protected] by May 20).