The paper must include a minimum of 5 pages of material (not including the cover page or reference page) and be formatted in APA style (7th edition).

Choose a leadership paradigm that interests you.

There are sub-groups for various leadership theories. Task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership, for example, are both available in behavioral theory; simply choose one to focus on. You don’t have to look into every single leadership philosophy that falls under it if you pick relationship-oriented leadership. Consideration, empowerment, servant leadership, and ethical leadership are examples of relationship-oriented leadership. Simply pick one to concentrate on.

· Cover page

· Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs maximum) Notes:  Introduction is not a section heading in APA 7th edition; it is assumed the beginning paragraphs are the introduction.  The title of the paper should be repeated at the top of the first page of content, centered and bolded.

· Purpose Statement (2 to 3 sentences)  There is a sample purpose statement for this paper in the Expectations for Short Papers document – use it as a guide.

· Analysis – each criterion below is a major part of the paper and should receive equivalent attention in the analysis (4 pages maximum)

· What purpose does leadership serve, and why is it an integral part of an organization? (First major part of the paper)

· Examine one leadership theory that you find the most compelling, and discuss specific components (characteristics) that you feel are the most important, and why.  (Second major part of the paper)

· Examine how those components from your chosen theory would benefit your organization or a specific organization you select. 
Please note, it must be a thorough analysis using a specific organization, NOT organizations, in general.  

(Third major part of the paper)

· Conclusion (1 to 2 paragraphs maximum)

· Reference page