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MS Project Practice Assignment

A high-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your practice project that covers the key facets of work is shown in the attached Powerpoint. 

Using this WBS, establish all required dependencies for activities and create your Gantt chart with the project schedule in MS Project.

Ensure that your Gantt chart indicates the 

critical path

 in red. If you need help, please follow these 

Microsoft Project guidelines


WBS Diagram

Find and move to new home

1 Choose a location

1.1 Select city

1.2 Select area

1.3 Select real estate agent

1.1.1 Review city maps

1.1.2 Research city online

1.1.3 Ask friends and colleagues

1.2.1 Review area maps

1.2.2 Research neighborhoods online

1.2.3 Drive around neighborhoods

1.3.1 Interview agents

1.3.2 Get recommendations

1.3.3 Contract with agent

2 Select a new home

2.1 Obtain financing approvals

2.2 View properties

2.3 Buy new home

2.1.1 Collect financial documents

2.1.2 Prequalify for loan

2.2.1 View online

2.2.2 View by driving around

2.2.3 Tour properties

2.3.1 Make an offer and negotiate price

2.3.2 Review and sign contract

2.3.3 Perform home inspection

2.3.4 Attend closing and sign final papers

3 Sell current home

3.1 Clean and repair

3.2 Prepare to move

3.3 Move to new home

3.1.1 Obtain contractor bids

3.1.2 Select contractor

3.1.3 Complete work

3.2.1 Sort through belongings

3.2.2 Hold yard sale

3.2.3 Donate unwanted belongings

3.3.1 Contract with mover

3.3.2 Close utility accounts

3.3.3 Find hotel to use during wait for mover

4 Occupy new home

4.1 Move in

4.2 Arrange for utilities

4.3 Live in new home

4.1.1 Meet mover

4.1.2 Supervise mover

4.1.3 Unpack

4.1.4 File damage claims

4.2.1 Set up electric and water accounts

4.2.2 Set up Wi-Fi and cable TV accounts

4.2.3 Arrange for other utilities

4.3.1 Introduce yourself to neighbors

4.3.2 Plant flowers

4.3.3 Install dog fence

4.3.4 Install security system

MS Project Practice Assignment