Organizational change

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According to Nielsen, Taris, & Cox T (2010), an organization is a group of individuals or other legal units with a clear determination and written guidelines managed and structured to meet defined goals. Most organizations in today’s world are faced with several common challenges that make their realization of their growth and profit level lag behind. Organizations ignore fundamental challenges which are; internal communications, administrative structures and ways in which they acquire the best from people.

Communication is a critical area and failure of quality communiqué from bosses or the big personal in organizations to the junior managers and workers on what they need to know, results to go down of the company. 28% of managers in organizations say they lack everything required for their attainment of goals. Clearly workers are not posted with company’s on goings which lead to inadequate delivery of employees and failure for them to work in unison. For organizations to prosper in this harsh business environment, they need to establish working or good communication skills and channels to reach all its workers. This can be achieved by placing telephones in all their offices and holding regular meeting on the progress and proceeding of the organization.

Failure to include supervisors and employees in a company’s change is another issue that has makes it not realize its objectives. A small number of an enterprise’s employees feel fully involved during a corporation’s change. Although a portion of workers do not positively embrace change, company’s management should at least try to engage all its employees during the time of change failure of them to work as a team is the beginning of their problem.

Lack of precise ways or roots of promotion has led to the collapsing of many firms. 53% of organizations employees are unhappy on how the business goes about in promotions. Backdoor ways of promoting and recruiting employees discourage the original hard working staff. Because promotion is the greatest way of motivating workers, firms should improvise or follow the right channels and fair ones in promoting an employee to avoid killing other workers self-esteem.

Goetsch, & Davis, (2014), say that poor management is the root of all the challenges mentioned above experienced by almost all the companies in the world. This is mainly caused by big egos from their seniors who look down upon their employees. Most of these bosses are bully with poor communication skills and lack employees’ motivation. It results to almost impossible for such a firm to develop. Affected companies need to evaluate the efficiency of their management because it is the origin of success. It can be done by thoroughly interviewing the managers to employ, asking for working experience and eliminating the current ones that lack good managing qualities.


For companies to realize their objectives and attain the expected profit level and growth, they need to assess frequently all the factors that are limiting their chances to success and find solutions. The key to an organization’s success being customer satisfaction, companies also need to focus on the best ways to attract, maintain and please customers. This can be done by keeping customers informed, bringing on offers and majorly listening to them.


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