ONE Health Topics I find interesting: Health and Wellness

In this course I hope to achieve the understanding on how to develop a wellness program by using the Generalized Model of Health Promotion. This will help me in the future because I want to become a Health engagement consultant and I would do a lot of work with creating interventions for the clients I serve.

Please write a brief 1- to 2-page summary of 1–3 health topics you find interesting and explain why. Also, tell the reader what you hope to achieve in this course and how it might help you in the future. This reflection paper will be the only paper that you will write in first person and for which source notes are optional and not required.



Performance Indicators

Needs Improvement
Meets Expectations

(0-4 points)

It was not clear whether the student found her/his topic interesting.

(5 points)

Presented 1 to 3 topics of interest.

(6 points)

Clearly and concisely presented 1 to 3 topics of interest.

Personal Connection

(0-4 points)

Missed the connection between the importance of the topics and why the student is interested in the topic.

(5-6 points)

A description of why the topic was important, but little evidence of why the student feels passionately about the topic.

(7 points)

A clear description of why each topic is of personal interest to the student; the writing demonstrated a thorough personal exam of the student’s convictions.

Future Goals

(0-4 points)

Goals unrealistic or not related to the course.

(5 points)

Missing immediate or future goal.

(6 points)

An insight to what the student hopes to learn or gain from investigating the topic, and how that may help the student in the future.

Audience Awareness

(0-4 points)

More than 4 errors in grammar and spelling.

(5 points)

1 to 3 errors in spelling and