Part 8: Stakeholder Engagement Monitor and Control Plan

For the project selected in Unit I, create a simple stakeholder engagement monitor and control plan. Your plan should follow the process for managing and monitoring stakeholder engagement, as referred to in Figures 9.1 and 9.2 in the textbook. Your plan should include an introduction, and should answer the following questions:

· What specific soft skills will you employ in managing project stakeholders?

· What ground rules will you establish for managing project stakeholders?

· What types of meetings do you plan to have with project stakeholders? How often do you plan to hold them?

· How will you manage change requests from stakeholders?

· How will you monitor stakeholders and levels of stakeholder engagement?

· How will you manage changes to stakeholder requirements?

· What historical documents will you update in the process of managing and monitoring stakeholders?

Create the stakeholder management and control plan that addresses the questions above. Feel free to use tables, graphics, or document template examples to summarize your policy and approach. As a guide to depth, your stakeholder management and control plan should be a minimum of two pages in length. If you use tables, you may either create your table in Word and include it at the end of the document, or submit it as a separate Excel file.

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Stakeholder Identification Analysis Plan

Stakeholder Identification Analysis Plan


For this assignment the selected project is the office relocation project. This project entails the shifting of the office activities from one location to another. The project will entail making sure that the selected location has all the needed resources and equipment to make sure that the operations of the office run smoothly. There will be need to make installations and additions to the new office such as adding shelves for storage and partitions for privacy in the office layout.

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

There are various stakeholders who will be needed for the project to be completed. Some of the stakeholders are employees and this will be identified through a thorough recruitment process that will ensure the hired individuals are qualified for the job (Armenia et al., 2019). Other’s stakeholders include management of the organization or the office who will specify the additions needed in the new office. Also, the landlord or owner of the new office is needed to give consent for establishing the new office.

Resource Management Plan and RACI (Responsible,

Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) Chart

There are different resources needed for the completion of the project which include the project manager, team, a contractor, office and finance manager. The chart shows the different activities that will be involved in the process.

Activity/ Person

Project manager

Office manager

Project team


Finance team

Prepare the bill of materials





Procure the needed materials




Install the fittings and additions





Inspections of the building





Handover new office





Communications Management Plan

There is need for communications among the project team and with the office management and this will be completed through various ways. Emails will be used for any formal communication which needs documentation, but the main form of communication is the use of phone calls (Picciotto, 2020).

Stakeholder Management Plan

For the different stakeholders their expectations need to be met and communication with the stakeholders will be made frequently to ensure that they communicate any concerns which they have. Stakeholder meeting will be done before the beginning of the project to ensure that they are all on board with the project elements and requirements.

Resource Acquisition Plan

Resources will be acquired by the office management. A budget should be prepared by the manager of the required bill of materials and the materials should be purchased by the office after the budget is approved by the finance manager.

Team Development Plan

Different team members are needed for the completion of the project. Half of the team will be from within the office and organization while the rest will be recruited from outside the office through interviews.

Project Performance Reporting Plan

The project manager will report to the office management on the progress of the project. The contractor will be responsible for evaluating the quality of all the additions and installations on the new office. Communication between project manager and office management will be on daily basis where the office manager can recommend any changes on the office.

Stakeholder Engagement Monitoring and Control


Stakeholders will be engaged on regular basis; the management will be contacted on daily basis for input and any comments or complaints (Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017). The project team will have a well laid out plan of how the office should look like to avoid any deviations.


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