Choosing the Right Leader



Industry and Name of the Company

Pilston’s kitchen belongs to the Pilston family that been in the cookware business for more than 60 years. This company has established its place in the international market, where it provides various cookware brands to different markets across the world. It is a reliable supplier of kitchen utensils and has specialized in the production of wooden products such as cooking spoons, spoons, and dishes. Since its establishment by Pilston in 2006, the company has worked with the aim of manufacturing and wholesaling its kitchen products locally and internationally. This family-owned enterprise concentrates with the production of high-quality products, an aspect that has helped it to create a niche in the cookware industry.

Since its establishment, Pilston’s kitchen has been an exporter of wooden utensils throughout the world, which are made using high-quality wood of cherry and maple wood. The company’s main advantage in the industry is its ability to provide a wide range of kitchen products other than cookware such ass plastic bags, foil, and laser print, among others. Through this, the company has managed to create a brand that most customers identify with well. The products are tailor-made to meet customer needs while selling the customer brand. The company combines traditional, hand-craft, and technology to craft its products with the use of specialized machinery. The company’s mission is to produce products of high quality from wooden products and ensuring it maintains a long-term relationship with its customers.

Summarize the Problem, and the Company’s Culture

After its inception, a qualified member of the family became the company president. However, the family has lost eligible members who can take the position of the president in Pilston’s Kitchen. This has created the need to have a consultant to take an executive place, which will pose a challenge due to the anticipated changes. The company will be required to change to the use of blockchain ledger technology which shares data within a specific network with a timestamp in sequential order. They know this will be a challenge based on several changes that may need to take place in the very near future in order to continue successfully with their business.

The company may be required to automate the production line in order to keep with the continuously increasing competition without which it will not be able to manage. This may need them to lay off some of the employees and must do in-depth research for the most suited employee who has the right education and expertise. Through these changes, the company must ensure that it maintains its culture of reliability, which has been its way of operation since its inception. The person who will take over from the family as the president of Pilston’s Kitchen should show the ability to promote diversity and maintain the company culture.

Traits and Personality factors in the president

Pilston’s family should choose a president who possesses distinct personality traits. The president should show openness to a wide range of interests in order to learn new things and give the company new experiences. With transparency, the president will be more creative and adventurous an aspect that will provide the company with more enormous openings in the international market (Cherry, 2019). He should have a high level of conscientiousness in order to pay keen attention to product details and enjoy working with a set schedule. With this trait, the president will be able to complete tasks on time and will enjoy making essential company preparations. In addition, the president should also show a high level of extraversion, which is characterized by excitability, talkativeness, expression of emotions, and excitability.

Without a high degree of agreeableness, the president will not be able to show affection, kindness, and pro-social behaviors to the customers. According to Holland’s typology, the president should be realistic and artistic in order to solve the organizational problems accurately. It is necessary to choose an individual who is investigative, intellectual, and one that possesses exceptional artistic abilities in order to come up with unique kitchen products. A social president will guide the employees by being friendly, helpful. He will also have the ability to solve other people’s problems in the company. Considering the company is a profit-making enterprise, the president should have enterprising skills in order to lead and sell company products to the global market. Apart from these traits, I believe that the president should show the ability to handle stress without passing the emotional instability into the entire company.

Impact of the Personality Traits on the Company

The Pilston’s family should choose a president who is extraverted in order to grow the company beyond its current market. Such an individual will show high level of emotional expressiveness, sociability, and excitability whenever he is around people. As the company’s president, this is an essential trait that will bring new businesses to the company with ease. The trait of conscientiousness is of essence, considering the company’s aim is to provide quality products to the global market (Cherry, 2019). With this trait, the president will execute company operations with good impulse control and will exercise a high level of thoughtfulness. Being of high conscientiousness will help the company to plan ahead and think about the effect of company behavior and brand on the market.

Openness will be a great source of insight to introduce new products to the company. Pilston’s kitchen will benefit from new experiences and creativity that comes with being open to new ideas. Being realistic will add essential skills to the company considering the company works with wooden tools which require being realistic. Being investigative will enable the company to understand traits in the market that will facilitate efficient planning of marketing strategies (Mintram et al., 2019). Bearing in mind that the company deals with wooden products, being artistic is essential in order to introduce creative activities into the woodwork. It is also essential for originality and independence of the company’s brand and position in the market.



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