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Diana is a teenager. She has recently been through a series of changes (e.g., moving from a different

state, changing schools, and living with her grandmother instead of her parents). Diana is acting out in

school by not listening to the teachers and falling asleep in class. Diana explains that she is having vivid

dreams at night; she is unable to explain them clearly to anyone. Her grades are slowly slipping as time

goes on. Additionally, she has recently noticed her eyesight is not the best and is afraid to get her vision

examined. Due to her fear she lashes out at her grandmother with anger.

1. Please describe the possibilities of how the changes in Diana’s life could be impacting her (e.g.,

learning, memory, development, biology).

2. Please describe the possible sources of her sleeping problems, how are her sleeping issues

impacting her (e.g., development, biology, mood, dietary habits)?

3. Describe how you would explain her behaviors through one of the following approaches:

humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, developmental psychology,

biological psychology, multicultural psychology.

4. Explain why you chose this theory (explaining specific aspects of the approach) and describe the

approach briefly.

5. Do you think this theory will be the most effective in explaining her behaviors? Explain by

comparing and contrasting between the approach you chose and 1 additional theory.

6. If the approach you have chosen does not “fully” explain Diana’s behavior, please describe how

another theory/approach/concept may explain it. Do your research!

https://openstax.org/details/books/psychology – Website for Psychology book

Diana’s situation could be best described with contemporary psychology under Bio psychology, how the body correlates with the mind. The way she is acting is an affect of her biology, a great possibility she is going through puberty (Spielman 17-18).

Second best theory that would best describe Diana behavior is under Humanism, the theory of Hierarchy by Abraham Maslow. Taking in consideration that she unable to focus in class, its a great possibility she’s not getting her basic needs to strive in school (Spielman 13).

With the lack of sleep during the night, resulting in Diana falling asleep in class is a negative correlation – this could also effect her grades. (Spielman 49-50).

The changes Diana experienced all in a short period of time could lead to Depression (imbalance in neurotransmitter system) considering increase of serotonin effects the functions of mood and sleep and not enough of serotonin is linked to depression. (Spielman 85)

She not getting enough sleep according to the National Sleep Foundation a teen needs 8 to 10 hours of sleep. When she falls asleep in class its because she goes through REM a lot faster. (Spielman)

Going to the Optometrist to get her vision tested is the only way to determine if the retina in her eye has been effected. (Spielman)

Last time Diana’s grandmother had an appointment at the optometrist Diana accompanied her, when she saw her grandmother taking the test with optometrist , blowing a puff of air in the eye and the grandmothers reaction has Conditioned fear response in Diana’s mind. (Spielman 194)

Its a great possibility she’s simply a victim of Vicarious Reinforcement, when she saw her grandfather yell at her grandmother her grandmother laughed. She simply didn’t think lashing out her grandmother is a big deal because she isn’t expecting her grandmother to be upset. (Spielman)